“From small beginnings come great things”- Proverb

12 Nov

Hello everyone,

As my first blog posting for my new site, I thought I’d give you a little introduction to why I started Everyday to Runway!

First of all, the title derives from my favorite band, the 2AM Club’s song “Worry about you” where they say “I used to watch you treat the streets like a runway.” I love this lyric because how many of us get up in the morning and love styling ourselves and then when we’re walking to work we feel that extra kick in our step because we know we look good. It’s fun to have that wind in your hair, strut your stuff moment and that is what this blog is about. Every day we can feel like a model, or movie star, or our own fill-in-the-blank of whoever we want. Each day we are our own blank canvas, and I know I for one fully take advantage of that by choosing each day depending on my mood who I will be. By using inspiration from the runways I love to put together looks that are an emulsion of vintage, basics, and designer. By creating this balance, you avoid the disaster that is wearing an identical outfit to a peer, and the look that you have no style because all you did was throw on a single designer.

John Fairchild said, “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” Never forget to add your own personality to your clothing in order to make it your style. Everyday to Runway will show you how to mix and match as well as give you an insight into my personal style. Ask questions, send pictures, share your style with me.

Check out the song here: 2AM CLUB- Worry about You

Hope you enjoy!


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